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Success in a game is a combination of technical training, physical training, tactical training and mental training. Most athletes train to their fullest following physical workout schedules, working on the techniques, maintaining training dairies, planning their game and a lot more. But what they miss is a "Mental Workout".

"The mind is everything. What you think you become."

- Buddha

The mind controls the body and the power of mind is unlimited. A mental workout is equally important as a Physical Workout. Mental workout like physical workout requires a regular practice and to make it a part of routine workout schedule. An athlete is physically in the best condition to win the race but if the mind is not the same condition, there is conflict and this conflict can cost a game. Mental Workouts help in attaining peak performance and sustaining the peak.

Coachieve aims at equipping athletes with mental workout techniques to make them mentally tough and have a competitive advantage over others in the game.

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Radhika Gordhandas

Psychologist (Sports & Performance)

Radhika has done her Masters in Psychology and Diploma in Counselling. She is also a certified MBTI Practitioner from Consulting Psychologists Press-Asia Pacific.

A background in sports as an national level athlete (400 mts run) and a formal education in psychology drives her to pursue he passion in Sport Psychology.

She is currently associated with The Sports Authority of India as a Sport Psychologist and is working with Elite Athletes and Teams preparing for Rio Olympics 2016 and other International Competitions.

She has worked with players across various sports like Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Tennis, Football, Judo, Wrestling, Handball, Hockey, Gymnastics, Taekwondo. etc.

She has worked with and consulted many organisations like Trent (Tata Retail), Reliance Retail, Future Group, Voltas, Crompton Greaves, CignaTTK Health Insurance etc. and specializes in Identifying and Developing Leadership Talent, Performance Management Process, Psychometric Assessment, Competency Mapping, Assessment Centers and other people processes.

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